Track H Descriptions

Science Olympiad Exploration: Prepare to compete in one of the premier science competitions

In this class, students will learn what Science Olympiad is and experience different events. Participants will be building and testing different devices in this class. One event example is Write it/Do It: A technical writing exercise where students write a description of a contraption and other students will attempt to recreate it using only the written description.

Narrative Nonfiction: Connecting with Earth and Nature: Amazing facts built into narrative nonfiction text

In this class, we will explore some of planet earth’s most fascinating topics from the lens of the authors we read.  Let’s discover the dynamic earth - amazing facts built into Narrative Nonfiction texts.  Students will become stronger readers with comprehension strategies presented and supported all while reading fascinating texts about some of Earth’s most interesting topics. 

Becoming Bilingual: Building your Spanish Language Skills

Ever dreamed of traveling to Mexico, South or Central America, or Spain? It is time to start developing the language skills now so communicating in these exciting places will be a breeze!  In this class, students will learn and practice their new language skills through drills and conversation stations. Then begin learning how to develop phrases through the structure and sound of the Spanish language.  The class will learn about various cuisines such as Mexican and Spanish inspired foods and have a taste here and there to describe the flavors using the Spanish vocabulary. Language classes are open to GUPPY’s with any level of language proficiency or previous exposure

Sneaker Art: Customize your kicks

Can sneakers be art? “YES!” says the pop culture art world! The retail custom market is being taken by storm by artists who are lighting the retail custom sneaker market on fire. Athletes, musicians, rappers, celebrities and even teenagers around the world are buying custom-made sneakers adorned with their own likeness, favorite drink or even their musical group of choice. Not to mention a few brands such as the NFL, MLB, NBA and WWE have signed on to these custom kicks.

Students in this class will have a unique experience to work with a female Michigan sneaker artist who was recently featured as one of Major League Baseball’s artist The Bridge, presented by CEO Act!on for Diversity & Inclusion during All-Star week.

Students will not only learn general art techniques, the tricks and tips of sneaker art, but students will also be customizing their own kicks during this class and will take them home to sport around their neighborhood.

*additional material costs are required for this class