Track I Descriptions

Art Around the World: Capturing the spirit of art around the world 

Vacation, it is something we all love to do, this class will try to capture that spirit and will have the students go on a journey around the world, looking at various sites and cultures and what that they have to offer!  Students will create art projects based upon where they are “visiting” during out journey, each project being brought together at the end chronicling their world tour!  Students will discuss artistic topics, see presentations relating to styles, mediums, and history, and finally participate in exercises getting them prepped to create an amazing final product for each project. These activities will engage students and work on improving their artistic skills and gaining a better insight and understanding!  So let us take off to destination art!

Learning Math From Zero to Infinity: Exploring the concept of infinity

Perfect numbers are numbers like 6 that are the sum of all its divisors except themselves. This class will explore topics like these and help us understand what makes numbers so interesting. Its goal is for students to gain a further understanding and satisfaction with the ordinary numbers they see every day (and the ones they don’t). This class will be a combination of number history, and descriptions of the simply stated problems posed by the most ordinary numbers. 

Entomology: Understanding the importance of insects

Have you ever wondered how the ants in your backyard might be impacting you? While we are living our daily lives, an entire other world filled with small creatures is happening around us. Learn more about the bees that pollinate your favorite fruit, how plants communicate with insects, and how our changing climate is transforming insects and the world around us. In this class, we will explore the world of insects and plants by conducting hands-on experiments in the lab, collecting insects in the garden, and by meeting our arthropod friends from all over the world up close and personal!