Track J Descriptions

Greek Mythos: Exploring art through Homer’s tale, The Odyssey

The Odyssey, Homers tale about Odysseus and his journey home. These tales told by Homers chronicle adventures through a beautiful and dangerous land. Students will re-imagine themselves as the hero of this classic tale, and making some amazing art projects relating to that journey while learning about Greek history and mythos along the way!  Students will engage in guided discussing paired with presentations showing students information giving them an experience second to none!  With this, students will head closer towards having the ability to accurately express ideas effectively and practice developing their artistic skills as an individual. So grab your sword, shield, paint brush, and get ready for the journey of a lifetime!

Narrative Non-fiction: Connecting to the past by reading historical stories of memorable people from Mahatma Gandhi to Abe Lincoln

In this class, we will read about some of histories most memorable people and the lives they lived, through stories that teach.  The lives of amazing leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi and Abe Lincoln, make great stories and will allow us to read, comprehend and learn more about history than we ever knew and help us to connect to a past to better understand our world. 

Euclid's Elements: Creating geometric construction using a compass and a straight edge

In this class, students go into detail about how some of the geometric constructions provided in Euclid’s book. We can have the students use a compass and straight edge to draw the shapes.

Java: Learn fundamentals of developing applications in Java

Computer programming requires setting up your machine to create and execute your commands. This introduction to the Java computer language will give students the building blocks they need to begin programming in a Windows environment by starting from zero to effectively create a programming environment with JDK (Java Development Kit) and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) before moving on to the basics of what a Java web application entails: a web server and a WAR (Web Application Archive) file. From there, students will learn how to deploy a simple web app on their web server and how to write their own simple web application. This class is the perfect first step for anyone interested in programming basics in a Windows environment.