Track L-1 Descriptions

Estimation Problems and Orders of Magnitude 

Could one million goldfish crackers fit in your bedroom? Could one billion marbles fit in Spartan Stadium? Have you ever wondered how long it would take you to drink all of the water in Lake Michigan? Would you be able to eat enough cookies in your lifetime to cover the state of Michigan? Students will be introduced to large numbers, scientific notation, volume, unit conversions, and estimations to explore the idea of volume and large quantities. Research has shown that a student’s understanding of solid volume measurement can have a strong influence on the solving of advanced measurement problems. 

The Art and History of Printmaking

Have you ever wondered what types of Printmaking there is? When did it start? How did it change through history? We will answer these questions and more in this enriching art class! Though our topic will be printmaking, we will be working with other medias.  Students will learn about the topics, engage in discussion, and see hands on demonstrations, giving them lots of reference and experience to apply into creating their own amazing art pieces. Students will work on developing the ever important skill of describing their thoughts and ideas, helping them explain their viewpoints and making their thinking visible!  Students will leave this class with lots of experience and knowledge that they can apply into creating their own art. So get ready to become printmaking machines!

Mandarin Chinese Language (ACE Jr.)

Designed for GUPPY audiences, this session provides opportunities for students to explore different regions of China and its culture. Taught by experienced teachers who are native Chinese speakers, students will be engaged in a variety of interactive hands-on activities to learn more about the current China and its rich culture. Students at all proficiency levels are welcome to join the five-day session!