Summer Program Questions

Times, locations, and detailed information about drop-off and pick-up policies will be provided to parents and guardians well in advance of the beginning of the program via email. Alternate drop-off or pick-up times are not allowed. It is important that we make sure that every student is accounted for and safe at all times.

NO. It is against university policy for an enrolled student to leave the program early or arrive late for any reason. Courses are also incredibly rigorous, and we do not want any of our students to fall behind or feel left out. Students may only miss class for an emergency that warrants the student leaving for the remainder of the program.

NO. For the safety, security, and privacy of all participants, all GATE programs are closed, meaning that for the duration of the program there are no visits from home or trips home for the weekend.

Programs are full of fun activities, even on the evenings and weekends for residential students! For liability reasons, it is mandatory that students stay on campus for the duration of the program unless an emergency arises that warrants the student leaving for the remainder of the program. Students will be able to text, email, and call their parents and guardians at designated times, usually during evening free time.

Residential staff, also called Lead Supervisors and Resident Advisors (RAs), are trained to keep each student safe. Before the opening of the program, the residential staff receive training on rules, regulations, and safety information related to the students’ welfare. RAs are selected because of their commitment to education and ability to interact well with young people.

The residential staff members live in the residence hall on the same floor as students and are on duty 24 hours a day to ensure that every participant is safe. They are responsible for providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in the residence hall.

Male and female students will live in separate hallways in the same residence hall.