CHAMP Eligibility

Students can start CHAMP in 7th, 8th, or 9th grade. For example, a student applying to start CHAMP in 7th grade needs to apply in the spring semester of 6th grade.

Students must submit the following to complete their CHAMP application:

  • ACT or SAT test scores of at least: 
    • ACT Math: 21 and ACT Composite: 23
    • Old SAT taken in January 2016 or prior:  
      • Math: 530 and SAT Total: 1010
    • New SAT taken in March 2016 or after:
      • Math: 560 and SAT Total: 1090 
  • Recommendation Form from their current mathematics teacher
  • Most recent grade report
  • Complete an online math diagnostic test. This will occur after you submit your CHAMP application online. The GATE office will contact you when we are ready to administer the test.

Please note: Students need to meet the criteria for the ACT or SAT. Students need to take and submit scores for only one of these tests. An IQ test is also acceptable instead of these standardized test scores. 

**If you took the Old version of the SAT (January 2016 or prior), you DO NOT need to take the New version. Your scores on the Old SAT can qualify you for GATE programs. See the minimum scores for the Old SAT listed above.**