LEAF: French

Langue pour Étudiants Avancés de Français

Grades 7-9

PROGRAM BEGINS: Fall Semester 2019



LEAF, in partnership with the Department of Romance and Classical Languages and Office of University Outreach and Engagement at Michigan State University, provides classroom instruction for students in grades 7-9 who have advanced skills in language arts/French. LEAF is designed so that the participating students can complete in two years the French language content assigned in Michigan High School Content Expectations (HSCE) for all four years of high school as well as meet the Common Core National Standards. Every semester of LEAF corresponds to one year of high school French. Below are the equivalents:

LEAF Offerings:   High School Offerings:
Semester 1 (Fall, Year 1) = French 1
Semester 2 (Spring, Year 1) = French 2
Semester 3 (Fall, Year 2) = French 3
Semester 4 (Spring, Year 2) = French 4 and AP French

Every semester of the program emphasizes developing and refining the four skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. In addition, various in-class and out-of-class opportunities will be provided, especially in the third and fourth semesters, in preparation for the AP French exam.

The LEAF course uses a technology-enhanced format. Local and long distance students attend class via live video broadcast each week on Thursdays from 4:15 to 6:30pm. On the third Thursday of every month, all students will be required to attend class in-person on MSU’s campus from 4:15 to 6:30 pm. Families are responsible for transportation to the campus. Instructions for logging in and using the technology will be provided to all students. The LEAF program will make use of video conferencing technology to connect with students. This will enable students to participate actively in real time and also improve their speaking and listening comprehension. Throughout the year, there are also weekly “virtual” LEAF labs on Sunday afternoons for students needing assistance with their assignments. A TA (teaching assistant) will connect with students via live video conferencing. The TA is an MSU student who is majoring in French. Students will be given an MSU login for accessing the LEAF online course management website, which is used for assignments and online reference materials.


Faculty in Michigan State University's Department of Romance and Classical Languages teach LEAF.

Student Advantages

  • The accelerated program allows students to complete the traditional four-year high school French program in two years.
  • The time freed by the program gives students more options, including honors/AP/IB classes or dual enrollment in college courses.
  • Students have the opportunity to work with university professors in a small class setting.

LEAF Meeting Times & Location

  • LEAF is a Hybrid Class
  • Class time: Thursdays, 4:15-6:30 pm
    • Face-toface class twice a semester, at MSU. (Transportation is the responsibility of the parents.)
    • All other Thursday classes held via live online video (Zoom).
  • Virtual Study Lab times: Sundays, 1:00-3:00 pm
    • Students are required to participate in the study labs, by connecting via online live video.
    • The purpose of study labs is for students to work on homework assignments, practices language skills and pronunciation with a tutor, and seek additional assistance on concepts learned in class.
  • Location of face-to-face classes: Michigan State University, typically in Wells Hall.