IS4GT Descriptions

Pre-Med ED

Are you interested in going into the medical sciences? Does becoming a doctor, nurse or pharmacist sound fascinating to you? If so, then Pre-Med ED is perfect for you! The purpose of this program is to foster an interest in the STEM fields, specifically the medical sciences and to create awareness of college admission, and generate a strategy to become a successful health care professional. As participants, students will discover the content of medical courses through demonstrations and hands-on activities, explore the options for undergraduate and professional majors, and gain information about medical specialties. Students will be learning and participating in hands-on activities that include working with emergency medical technicians, pharmacology, physiology and much more. 

Game AI

Game developers use many tricks to give their characters decision-making abilities. This course is for anyone wishing to know more about the mathematics behind common game behavior. The class will introduce a raft of important techniques used by game AI developers from decision theory, game theory and utility theory. We will also go into the theoretical background behind these techniques.

Anthropology, Archaeology, and Cartography: Hundreds of Years in the Making

Learning about past people through archaeology/anthropology. This course will investigate how archaeologists learn about past cultures. Students will learn about how archaeological sites are formed, how past people adapted to the environments they lived in, and then practice analyzing archaeological collection for themselves.

Also, this program will introduce students to the ideas of geography, weather patterns, and how these interact to form biomes. They will discuss the uses of maps to dictate these, and allow the students to come up with their own maps that they can take home with them.