MSTL Eligibility

Students must currently be in grades 9 or 10.

Students must submit the following with their MSTL application:

  • Test Scores (score of only one test)
    • ACT or SAT scores of at least:
      • ACT: Math 20 or Composite 21
      • SAT taken in January 2016 or prior:
        • Old SAT Math or Critical Reading: 480 or SAT Total: 920
      • SAT taken in March 2016 or after:
        • New SAT Math: 520 or SAT Total 1020
    • OLSAT (administered by MSU GATE)
      • 90th Percentile
    • CogAT (administered by MSU GATE)
      • 121 SAS
    • IQ Test
  • Teacher Recommendation Form from one of your teachers in the subject areas of math, science, or technology: During your online application, you will be asked to provide a teacher's school email address, and we will send them an email requesting that they fill out an online recommendation for you. (Do NOT ask your teacher to write you a letter of recommendation - only our online recommendation form will be accepted.)
  • Most recent grade report
  • Essay (view Essay Questions)

Please note: Students need to meet the criteria for the ACT or SAT. Students need to take and submit scores for only one of these tests. An IQ test is also acceptable instead of these standardized test scores. 

**If you took the Old version of the SAT (January 2016 or prior), you DO NOT need to take the New version. Your scores on the Old SAT can qualify you for GATE programs. See the minimum scores for the Old SAT listed above.**