MSTL Leadership Workshop

Below is the Leadership Workshop options for MSTL students (grades 9-10). All students will participate in this workshop during the MSTL program.  

College Prep: Navigating the Road to College Through Persistence and Fit

As a high school student the road to navigating the way from high school to college is difficult.  This path is filled with uncertainties, questions and many unknowns. This class will provide students access to experts in admissions, high school advising, and various areas of higher education and will work with students to:

• Learn how to develop a strong resume

• Learn how to ask for letter of recommendation

• Learn from college and university admissions experts in a panel format

• Learn what your interests are and how this translates into college applications

• Learn about college applications from university experts

• Learn about IB/AP/Honors courses and dual enrollment options