MSTL Leadership Workshops

Below is the Leadership Workshop options for MSTL students (grades 9-10). All students will participate in this workshop during the MSTL program.  

Week #1: Being an Entrepreneurial Leader

Leaders are worth following because they have a vision, know how to communicate their ideas, and aren’t afraid of doing the work it takes to bring ideas and visions into reality. Learn to communicate your interesting way of thinking with class brainstorming exercises and practice creating/sharing pitch deck presentations. You will also create a path of action for your vision by learning the basics of making a business plan. With a great idea and a plan to make it all happen, you’ll be prepared for the work it takes to build a successful business.  

Week #2: The Road to College: Navigating Learning, Lessons, and Leadership

Jump start your preparation for college with this highly engaging workshop, it will provide a comprehensive overview about all the various aspects of preparing to enroll in college.  Topics will include the college search, the admissions process, and the steps to enrollment.  Students will work with enrollment professionals to understand options for choosing the right college path.  Understanding the application process and tips for writing the best essays and personal statements. Students will attend a forum with a panel of enrollment experts to ask their individual questions about preparing for the college planning process.

• Learn what your interests are and how this translates into college applications

• Learn about college applications from university experts

• Learn about IB/AP/Honors courses and dual enrollment options