Below is the Leadership Workshop options for MSTL students (grades 9-10). All students will participate in this workshop during the MSTL program. 

As a participant in MSTL all students will attend a two-week afternoon Leadership class filled with topics that provide a comprehensive look at navigating their transition into and in college.

Topics will include understanding how to become a leader in business. Leaders are worth following because they have a vision, know how to communicate their ideas, and aren’t afraid of doing the work it takes to bring ideas and visions into reality. Learn to communicate your interesting way of thinking with class brainstorming exercises and practice creating/sharing pitch deck presentations.

Additionally students in MSTL=Leadership will engage with general admissions representatives to understand the process of applying to college.  Participants will also work with other enrollment professionals to explore other options available when choosing a major in college. Enrollment experts from various schools such as Law school, College of Human Medicine and College of Architecture will showcase different degree opportunities.