Students can start ISHALL in 7th, 8th, or 9th grade. For example, a student applying to start ISHALL in 7th grade needs to apply in the spring semester of 6th grade. Although students may be younger than the grades stated, the nature of the acceleration and the high school level content, no exceptions to younger students will be granted.

Students must submit the following to complete their ISHALL application:

  • ACT, SAT, or CogAT scores of at least:
    • ACT English: 20 and ACT Critical Reading: 20
    • SAT Evidence Based Reading & Writing: 500​
  • ​CogAT: 90th Percentile (verbal or non-verbal) 
    • Register to take the CogAT with MSU GATE HERE
  • Teacher Recommendation Form from your current English teacher: During your online application, you will be asked to provide the teacher's school email address, and we will send them an email requesting that they fill out an online recommendation for you. (Do NOT ask your teacher to write you a letter of recommendation - only our online recommendation form will be accepted.)
  • Most recent grade report
  • Complete an online English diagnostic test. This will occur in your ISHALL application online. Follow the link in your To Do list in your online application for instructions.

Please note: Students need to meet the criteria for the ACT, SAT or CogAT. Students only need to take and submit scores for one of these tests. An IQ test is also acceptable instead of standardized test scores. 

Although students may meet the minimum requirements, it does not guarantee acceptance. All applications will go through a holistic review process.

Students must reapply every year (except Year 1 to Year 2 academic students) to be accepted into the program. Acceptances cannot be deferred and are only valid for the year the application was submitted and approved.