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Students typically come from the surrounding 4-county area: Ingham, Clinton, Shiawassee, and Eaton counties.

ISHALL1 Fall 2024 in-person class time (tentative): Tue 7:45-10:10a

ISHALL 2 Fall 2024 in-person class time: Weds 7:45-10:10a

2024 virtual study lab time: Sat 1-4p

Effective Fall of 2024: All year 1 students will be required to attend 3 study labs per semester. 


ISHALL 1 Fall 2023 MSU Class Time: Tuesday, 7:45-10:10a EST

ISHALL 2 Fall 2023 MSU Class Time: Wednesday, 7:45-10:10a EST

ISHALL 2 Fall 2023 Online Class Time: Monday, 4-6:30p EST

ISHALL 1&2 Fall 2023 Study Lab time: Saturday, 1-4p EST

Study Lab 2023 Location: Virtual online

*Classes are subject to enrollment minimums. If miniumum enrollment is not met, the smaller course will merge with the larger offering.

Study labs are typically optional, although you may be required to attend a few labs throughout the year.

The purpose of study labs is for students to work on assignments, seek additional assistance on concepts learned in class, or to work cooperatively with other students.

ISHALL - Virtual (Online Technology Requirements)

The ISHALL Online program is a 100% online LIVE weekly English class (and tutoring labs) that will run for two-years virtually.

Classes will meet weekly for 2.5 hours for a live online synchronous section taught by an MSU ISHALL instructor. Online tutoring labs will be available weekly for students to ask questions about their English homework and practice for upcoming exams.

ISHALL virtual students are not permitted to change to other sections or locations at any time during the 2-year period of ISHALL. For example, if you begin online, you may not transfer to the East Lansing or the Southeast Michigan section/location.