Responsibilities of Participants


  • Attend classes regularly
  • Complete assigned homework regularly
  • Keep parent(s) or guardian(s) informed of weekly graded homework and quizzes
  • Attend labs as desired or assigned
  • Exhibit appropriate classroom behavior
  • Maintain satisfactory level of performance in regular school course work


  • Attend an initial information session, orientation session, and conferences
  • Support and encourage the student
  • Review weekly graded homework and quizzes with the student
  • Communicate any problems to the instructor
  • Provide student with access to a computer, a printer, and the Internet
  • Purchase any required texts and class supplies
  • For online classes, provide students with access to a scanner to turn in assignments
  • Allow students to communicate directly with the instructor

Local School District

  • Agree that these classes will be accepted in lieu of in-school required subject classes
  • Recognize this course of study and record credits and grades on high school transcripts
  • Grant high school credit for demonstrated mastery of content (up to four years of the subject)
  • Identify a local district contact person for the program