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Application Grades 6-10

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Meet the ALL instructor: Kate Fedewa


ALL, in partnership with the Office of University Outreach and Engagement at Michigan State University, provides classroom instruction for students in grades 6-10 who have advanced skills in language arts. ALL is designed so that the participating students can complete in two years the Latin language content assigned in Michigan High School Content Expectations (HSCE) for all four years of high school as well as meet the Common Core National Standards. Every semester of the GATE Latin program corresponds to one year of high school Latin. Below are the equivalents:

ALL: Latin Offerings:   High School Offerings:
Semester 1 (Fall, Year 1) = Latin 1
Semester 2 (Spring, Year 1) = Latin 2
Semester 3 (Fall, Year 2) = Latin 3
Semester 4 (Spring, Year 2) = Latin 4 and AP Latin

The program emphasizes developing and refining two skills: reading and writing. Although Latin is no longer a spoken language, the course also draws upon speaking and listening skills to aid student comprehension. Discussions of language are anchored in topics of Roman and medieval culture, as well as in conversations about linguistics and the role of Latin in shaping English as a language. Students may elect to take the AP Latin exam at the end of their second year.

The GATE Latin Program offers a technology-enhanced format through a virtual class structure. Throughout the year, students will be able to seek additional assistance via regularly scheduled “virtual” labs. Either the course instructor or a TA (teaching assistant) will be available to connect with students via live video conferencing.

Course attendance is mandatory. Students are allowed 2 absences per semester (2 for Fall, 2 for Spring) and must make up that class’ work by the next class session. Students who miss more than 2 class sessions will not receive a passing grade for the course and will be removed upon the third absence.

Student Advantages

  • The accelerated program allows students to complete the traditional four-year high school Latin program in two years.
  • The time freed by the program gives students more options, including honors/AP/IB classes or dual enrollment in college courses.
  • Students have the opportunity to work with university professors in a small class setting.

ALL Technology Requirements

Additional Program Details