Track A Descriptions

Experiencing Chinese Culture Through Language

Designed for GUPPY audiences, this session focuses on experiencing Chinese culture through learning the language: Mandarin. Taught by experienced teachers who are native Chinese speakers, students will be engaged in writing Chinese characters, playing games, making crafts related to Chinese culture, and, most importantly, speaking in Mandarin. Students at all proficiency levels are welcome to join this online session!

Supplies needed: Paper, pencil, marker, a pair of chopsticks, two paper plates, ten pieces of nuts, or small candies, or small round shape items

Entomology: Understanding the importance of insects

Have you ever wondered how the ants in your backyard might be impacting you? While we are living our daily lives, an entire other world filled with small creatures is happening around us. Learn more about the bees that pollinate your favorite fruit, how plants communicate with insects, and how our changing climate is transforming insects and the world around us. In this class, we will explore the world of insects and plants by conducting hands-on experiments in the lab, collecting insects in the garden, and by meeting our arthropod friends from all over the world up close and personal!

Supplies needed:, honey, a vegetable, bread, journal or construction paper

Theatre Arts: Dancing, Singing, and Acting!

Do you love to act, sing or dance? Do you live for the theatre? Theatre Arts will explore a wide range of performance skills, including improv, character development, storytelling, acting scenes, music, and dance, all in a welcoming and fun environment.