Track A Descriptions

How Much is a Million? Mathematics by the Millions, Billions and Trillions

Students will explore the meaning of a million, billion and a trillion through different types of conceptual problems using arithmetic and multiplication. They will solve estimation problems and then create their own mathematical calculations and share them with the class.

Spanish is Fun: Read, Write, Speak, Repeat

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and is one of the easiest to learn! In this class the students will learn the structure and sound of the Spanish language.  Students will amp up their vocabulary and will be speaking Español the very first day!  Everyone will engage in conversation stations, fun games and exciting exercises to win the prize! Language classes are open to GUPPY’s with any level of language proficiency or previous exposure.

Shapes, Forms, Colors, and Textures OH MY! 

In this class students will learn about the ABSTRACT art movement, participating in various discussions about its historical importance, viewing various pictures from famous artists, and finally reflection on how these and applying them to creating their own abstract inspired art pieces!  Students will pair practice of various mediums and ideas with our classes theme before jumping into creating various unique and different art projects. This will all lead onwards students developing their own abilities yielding chances for them to continue on their own path after class has ended. We will also discuss other art movement’s connection to Abstract art, both past and present, helping students see a more well-rounded view of the art the world has to offer and their connection to it!

Persuasive Writing: Learn processes and strategies for writing strong and convincing persuasive arguments

Could you sell a ketchup popsicle to a person in a white suit?  After this class, you will be able to persuade anyone.  Learn processes and strategies for writing strong and convincing persuasive arguments that can’t be beat.  These techniques will help students in classes, testing, and of course convincing parents for the most amazing presents and experiences!  Maybe your child will convince you for a trip around the world!  Pack your bags.