Track E-3 Descriptions

Art: World of Wonder and Fantasy

Have you ever daydreamed about going on a journey in an unknown and amazing land where you will go up against incredible odds in the name of glory and honor? Well in this class we make that dream a reality! Here we will be creating some amazing art pieces based around a specific theme of Fantasy!  During this class students will learn through instruction, engage in discussion on our various topics, see examples from all around the world, and even get some hands-on experience practicing and manipulating the different medias we will use. All of this will lead up to students creating their own projects based around ideas and inspirations they get, gaining a mastery and understanding of Art! students will receive a well-rounded experience challenging them both mentally and pushing their art skills to the next level. So get you pencil and shield ready, because you’re going to be an ART Hero!

Spanish is my Superpower!

There are so many reasons that learning Spanish will help you! Learning Spanish will make learning other languages easier. It also boosts your brain with better memory, efficiency, and processing speed even as you get older. Are you ready for the ULTIMATE introduction course to the Spanish language! We will explore areas in both spoken and written activities with geographical and cultural highlights and vocabulary that focuses on the family, body, food, weather and clothing. ¡Cada niño hablará español el primer día! Each student will speak Spanish the very first day! ¡Hasta pronto! 

Friday: "Spanish speaking basics" including alphabet, pronunciation rules/practice. Every student will start speaking the very first day! More vocabulart: school supplies and parts of the classroom and colors. 

Saturday: More color practice. Move onto "gender differences in Spanish." Play Spanish "Hangman" to review key concepts of teh psat 2 days. Cultural tidbit on Mexico. 

Sunday: Vocabulary with "pets" and writing samples involving descriptions and the verb "tener." Vocabulary with "emotions" and using the verb "estar." Verbal practice with groups/partners. Introduction to the days of the week, months of the year, and the seasons. 

Graphing the Coordinates 

Coordinate planes are one of the most useful methods of being able to accurately reproduce an image. From pixels on a screen to data points on a graph, knowing how to place the points will be key to recreating the images in this activity-driven class.

Friday: First two mystery pictures presented; these should have only values in the first quadrant.
Saturday: Two more mystery pictures are presented; these should have values in all four quadrants
Sunday: Two more mystery pictures are presented; these have optical illusion qualities