Track C-3 Descriptions

Engineering and Designing Habitats

In this class, children will learn about animal habitats, the importance of conservation, and how to create engaging and safe environments for both animals and visitors. The curriculum includes hands-on activities like model building and creative workshops on habitat design. The program fosters creativity, environmental awareness, and a deep appreciation for wildlife, giving young minds a foundational understanding of how modern zoos operate and contribute to conservation efforts.

Friday: Review of Zoo Design projects from college students; learn about the design process; start your own design

Saturday: In-class model making

Sunday: In-class model making; Student presentation

STEM Careers 

Do you love Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics? If you love one or all of these areas and want to learn from current experts in the field about their careers. This class offers a fun hands-on insiders look to speak and learn from the top people in their field. Each day a new expert will share their expertise with an exciting interactive activity. Students may participate and ask questions as they learn about the inner functions of working in STEM!

Cookie Design

In this class students will learn how to decorate sugar cookies using royal icing. A variety of techniques will be introduced, such as flooding, outlining, wet on wet, etc. Students will come away with new knowledge and 8 decorated sugar cookies.

Day 1: Basic of royal icing. What is it? How do I hold the bag? What are the different consistencies? What is the technique for making different shapes and controlling the flow? Basic flood and outline one cookie. Learn sectioning, crusting, and flooding.

Day 2: Wet-on-wet techniques, painting and watercolor

Day 3: Create your own design out of a basic shape.