Track C-3 Descriptions

Forensic Entomology: Applying Arthropod Science to a Court of Law

Insects are all around us and play countless roles in our everyday lives. We all know bees and butterflies for their important role in pollination, while we dread the itchy bites that come with mosquito season, but what many don't know is the ability of many insects to aid in solving crimes! In this course, students will get a chance to learn about how insects such as flies and beetles, some of the most abundant organisms on the planet, can be utilized as forensic evidence in court. Students will learn to identify and collect insects, explore the use of the scientific method, discover the importance of the standardization of science in a court of law, and see how forensic entomologists approach real criminal investigations. Students will get the opportunity for hands-on activities with forensically relevant insects, and even get the chance to put their knowledge to the test and work together to investigate their very own mock crime scene!

*Please be advised that this course may deal with the handling of live insects in a safe and controlled environment, in addition to light educational discussion and visuals of postmortem changes and decomposition. This subject matter could be sensitive for some students so please exercise caution if necessary. 

Storytelling in Scratch

Want to create your own story? This class will teach you how to make one, with your own characters, scenes, and dialogue! By the end of this class, you’ll be able to tell any story in Scratch. Students will learn to program using the visual programming language scratch. Hook simple components together to form complex programs.  Students will learn programming fundamentals and learn how to compose them into simple programs and tell their story. 

3-D Art and Mixed Media

The art world is FILLED with medias being used in unconventional ways, and in this class, we will not only discuss these wacky combinations, but also CREATE some amazing art pieces!  During our time together students won’t just see art, but they will create it too, starting with seeing art from all around the world, discussing it and having students make observations, get hands-on demonstrations, and even engage in practice with the multitude of medias we will be using, all before making some amazing and unique art pieces. Students will gain the experience in forming ideas based off observations, explaining their ideas, and gaining knowledge to create art on their own. So, get ready to dive into the interesting world of ART!