It's the Law!

Do you love Law and Order? Want to understand more about the scales of justice? Always interested in law and debate? Calling all future Senators and Lawyers! Learn about how our laws are made with a tour of the Michigan Capitol, trivia, games, and prizes, and a mock legislative session where you can advocate for a new "law" you want to see (like requiring two recesses every day or candy at every lunch maybe?!) and put those debating skills to use in the MSU Law Mock Court Room!

Brain Games

Do you love to push your brain and make it hurt? Do you love logic, critical thinking and problem solving? This class is for you! Enjoy exciting puzzles, games and various mind boggling challenges everyday. Some may be science related. Some may be math related, who knows what will challenge you and your brain next!?  Students will work indivisually and in teams to overcome and become the best at Brain Games!

Friday: What are Brain Games and Let’s begin with Logic

Saturday: Brain Games that Hurt!

Sunday: Team Challenges and Class Choice

M.A.N.G.A.* Jr.

Learning a new language, especially Japanese can offer many benefits.  Learning Japanese opens opportunities to view new movies, anime, music, fun characters, and understand a whole new culture.

M.A.N.G.A. Jr. will serve as an introduction to basic Japanese vocabulary and grammar through a fun but structured learning process. The emphasis will be on coordination of structure and verbal communication skills. The students will practice Japanese through key sentences, dialogues with the sensei (teacher), exercises, and other tasks. Students who wish to continue beyond GUPPY may apply for the GATE M.A.N.G.A. class offered for high school credit!

*Participating in this course does not guarantee admission into the full academic year program. Students must apply for and be accepted to that program separately.

Friday: Introductions and basic greetings; learning how to count and learning how to write your name in Japanese; calligraphy.

Saturday: Origami and learning how to use chopsticks; anime, MANGA, and traditional Japanese culture. (Presented by native Japanese elementary school students, if available)

Sunday: All about Japan’s geography (Presented by native Japanese elementary school students, if available)