Track N Descriptions


CHAMP Jr. will serve as an introduction to basic problem-solving techniques through a fun but structured learning process. The emphasis will be on using algebra to solve problems. The students will practice solving equations, negative numbers, the distributive property, and other math topics like proportions and percents. Students who wish to continue beyond GUPPY may apply for the GATE CHAMP class offered for high school credit!

*Participating in this course does not guarantee admission into the full academic year program. Students must apply for and be accepted to that program separately. 

Monday: The Language of Algebra

Tuesday: Solving Equations

Wednesday: Using Algebra to Solve Problems

Thursday: Negative Numbers

Friday: Distributive Property

Exploring the Brain: A Journey Into Neuroscience

In this engaging program, learn about how the brain works by unraveling the mystery of neurons- the building blocks of the brain. Also discover the difference between reflexes and reactions and dive into sensory activities to understand how we experience the world around us. Get hands-on with a sheep brain dissection to uncover different structures that make our brains so amazing. Join us for an adventure that will unlock the wonders of the brain and inspire a lifelong love for neuroscience!

Monday: Introduction to neuroscience and how it’s used in the world

Tuesday: Neuron action: Investigating our reflexes and reaction time

Wednesday: Explore your senses

Thursday: Sheep brain dissection: Discover brain structures

Friday: Friday fun day: Activities, crafts, and games

Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy

Whether flying through space or riding a dragon, the adventures in scifi and fantasy are awesome! This class will encourage you to ask a “what if?” question and create a speculative fiction story that answers it. Each student will leave class with a plot outline, a story illustration, and at least one scene from a new scifi or fantasy story.

Monday: Asking “what if?” - brainstorming and genre conventions

Tuesday: Writing Studio - plot outline

Wednesday: Visualizing our ideas - worldbuilding and descriptive writing

Thursday: Writing Studio - scene

Friday: Sharing our Stories - feedback day

Knights and Knaves Logic Puzzles 

A classic logic puzzle genre coined by Raymond Smullyan in the 70s, knights can only tell the truth while knaves can only lie. Can you discover the murderer? The path to safety? Which vial has the antidote? These puzzles explore the world of propositional logic, drawing conclusions from statements of fact.

Each day consists of various logic puzzles in this design


This class will serve as a brief introduction to American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture. Students will be exposed to the basics of American Sign Language; fingerspelling (ASL alphabet), numbers, basic vocabulary and grammar to communicate at a beginning level. This class includes an introduction to Deaf history and culture in America. To encourage continued education in ASL, the students will learn the importance of learning ASL and about Deaf culture, be exposed to current events, and learn about influential people in the Deaf community. This class will be 90% voice on (English) and 10% voice off (ASL), so the students can experience some immersion in the language! No previous experience or exposure to ASL is required.

Monday/Tuesday: Focused on learning the alphabet and practicing fingerspelling different words and names 

Wednesday/Thursday: Move into learning different phrases and vocabulary so students can introduce themselves, ask for names, talk about their families and where they live, their favorite colors and animals.

Friday: Learn about Deaf culture and history and then have time to practice what students learned all week

Nuclear Astrophysics 

Where were the elements made? Over the last 14 billion years, nuclear reactions such as fusion, fragmentation, and radioactive decay have created dramatic change. The fundamental nature of the atomic nucleus has driven the chemical evolution of the universe and the energy cycle in stars. This course, sponsored by MSU’s world-class Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB), will pull back the curtain on nuclear research and careers!