ISHALL Jr. in partnership with the Department of English will provide GUPPY students a sneak peek into the English, Language, and Literature Arts program available for them to apply to in coming years.

Students learn about the ISHALL curriculum and an ISHALL professor will highlight a wide range of texts and media in literature and the humanities including novels, biographies, plays, poetry, and film that future ISHALL students may experience. Students will be exposed to the type of content that students may encounter such as a variety of different historical movements and types of literature, such as romanticism, enlightenment, Shakespearean drama, and comedy, in addition to modern works.

The ISHALL program is instruction for qualified middle school students in grades 6-10. ISHALL is designed so that the participating students will complete in two years the English content assigned in Michigan High School Content Expectations (HSCE) for all four years of high school as well as meet the Common Core National Standards.

ISHALL Jr. is ONLY a showcase and preview of ISHALL and does not in anyway qualify a student for ISHALL. ALL ISHALL students must still apply to the program through the standard application process.

*Participating in this course does not guarantee admission into the full academic year program. Students must apply for and be accepted to that program separately.