Residential Option


  Residential (R) Commuter (C)
Academic Classes Both R and C students participate in the day’s academic classes.
Lunch Both R and C students are provided with lunch
Social Activities Because Residential students pay to stay overnight in the dorms, there are additional social activities planned for them in the evenings and on the weekend.  C students do not participate in evening or weekend social activities. A select few of these activities may be available to commuter students to join in, and we will inform you of these optional activities.
Camp Attendance R students are not allowed to leave for the duration of camp, unless an emergency arises. Students can communicate with their family via phone and email in the evenings. C students must be dropped off and picked up during the times designated. Arriving late, leaving early, or missing days of class is not allowed.


  Residential available? Commuter available?
CSI Forensic Science Yes Yes
Future DOcs Yes Yes
MST: Math, Science, Technology Yes Yes
Dual Enrollment College classes No Yes

Residential Camp FAQs:

Can I visit my child or take them home on the weekend?

  • GATE residential camps are closed programs, meaning that for the duration of camp there is no visitation or trips home for the weekend.
  • Camp is full of fun activities, even on the evenings and weekends! We do not want any students to feel left out. Thus, it is mandatory that the student stay on campus for the duration of camp, unless an emergency arises.
  • Students will be able to contact their parents/guardians via text, e-mail, or phone at appropriate times, usually during evening free time.

Will my child be safe on campus and staying in the dorms?

  • Residential staff, also called on-site coordinators and resident advisors (RAs), are trained to keep each camper safe. Before the opening of the program, the residential staff receives training on rules, regulations, and safety information related to the students’ welfare.
  • The on-site coordinators are adults who are experienced with running summer programs. They are assisted by RAs who are current MSU students. RAs are selected because they have a commitment to education and because of their ability to interact well with young people.
  • The residential staff members live in the residential hall with the students and are on 24-hour duty to ensure that every camper is safe. They are responsible for providing a comfortable and friendly atmosphere in the residence hall.
  • Male and female students will live in separate hallways in the same residential hall.

Can my child pick their roommate?

  • No. Each student will be assigned a roommate. We want students to meet new people at camp!
  • Assigning roommates is just one way of encouraging new friendships. Students will be placed in three different instructional groups, as well as “color groups” for some activities, allowing many opportunities to interact with a variety of different students in small groups. There is also free time in the evenings for students to socialize together.

Should I supply my child with extra money?

  • Yes, we recommend that each student be given at least $20 in cash.
  • Students may want to purchase souvenirs or vending machine snacks. Campers may visit the MSU Dairy Store and campus bookstore and choose to buy items.

What should my child bring?

  • To help residential students plan for their stay in the residence halls, we will provide a complete packing list after the student has been accepted to the camp.

What if my child is flying to attend camp? Is airport pickup available?

  • If you book a flight into Lansing airport, summer program staff will be able to pick up your child and transport them to MSU's campus where they will check into the dorm for camp.
  • If you book a flight into Detroit airport, we cannot pick up your child from the Detroit airport.
  • Therefore, if your child is traveling to camp alone, you must book a flight to the Lansing airport.
  • Other Options:
    • In the past, some families have arranged for their student to be picked up at the airport by family or friends who live in Michigan, and the family/friends also drop the student off at camp. This is acceptable, as long as you arrange the details and communicate with your MI family or friends about camp drop-off/pick-up details. In this case, flying into the Detroit or Lansing airports could be an option for you.
    • Some parents choose to fly to Michigan with their child to drop them off at camp, which is also acceptable. In this case, you could choose to fly to Lansing Airport, or flying into the Detroit airport is also an option for you. The Michigan Flyer bus ( travels from the Detroit Airport to East Lansing near MSU's campus, where camps are held.